MAY 20, 2007


Minutes of the last meeting:   Minutes from the last meeting, held at Continental Acres, were passed out by Susan Diemer for all in attendance, and were accepted as printed. Bob Tolmach suggested that the Florida Whips roster be emailed to all members, and proposal was seconded by Brenda Schmidt. This item will be discussed later in the meeting.

Report of the President:    Lynda Jowers, President, states that this position has presented a "learning curve" for herself. She admits that the notice of meeting place and time needs to be advertised sooner than it was this time. She made a mistake when printing the ballets by placing both positions under the title of Treasurer, rather than Treasurer and Secretary. Some of the ballets had to be thrown out, and some of the ballets that were mailed, were undeliverable.
       It has been an exciting year for the Whips, with many activities. Some organizational problems need to be worked on, and we need more volunteers to assist. Especially, we need future Workshop volunteers since Francine won't be able to manage the program this coming year. It is a full time job for 2-3 months. We may have a committee to organize the Workshop this year; Francine volunteered to assist with information.

Report of the Vice President:   Linda Evans, V. President, suggested placing a questionnaire in the Newsletter to assist with information regarding membership ideas and queries, regarding the Workshop agenda. Mary Ann Fletcher suggested paying a committee chairman a fee for organizing the Workshop, since we are currently paying all the clinicians to participate. Lynda Jowers stated that this can be decided by a Workshop Committee.
        Regional Meetings need to be scheduled on different days this summer, so that she is able to attend. These meetings should take place in June or July and should produce a tentative calendar of events for the coming year. The Board has its annual meeting in August and will review the proposed calendar of events for acceptance or denial of events and dates. All Regional Directors should coordinate their meetings with Linda Evans. Mary deGreef, SW Regional Director, announced that her meeting was already planned, and gave the date and time.

Report of the Secretary:   Susan Diemer announced that this would be her last report, since a new Secretary was being announced, and that she has provided a "Duties of the Secretary" report for the new incumbent, and has all the files and reports ready to turn over. In addition, our organizational insurance is up-to-date, and also our ADS membership.

Report of the Treasurer:    Laura Howell was not able to attend, but sent her treasurer report to the President for acceptance. The report was passed among those attending. There were questions regarding each Regions funds, in addition to lack of itemized detail. It was determined that the new Treasurer and Board would audit/evaluate the books before next meeting to validate accuracy, and a report would be made available.

Report of Committees:

Education, Bob Giles:   Mr. Giles reported all educational activities that he has been involved in for the entire calendar year, a total of 24 events. Many were in various surrounding states and were not reimbursed by the Whips Organization in total; especially with the current price of fuel, etc. This will be his last venue as the Education Chairman; due to personal family reasons, he and wife will be spending 6 months of the year in Maine, and the other time in Florida. This is an expensive position to hold, in time and gas. He encouraged the Board to produce some brochures to hand out to attendees, to advertise the Whips Organization. He has had many requests for information regarding the Whips over the last year. Bob also encouraged the Whips to provide a "disaster cooridinator" for future unfortunate events in our state; to help organize a disaster-ready team to assist with equine and personal assistance when needed. In other words, a list of those who can provide temporary shelter for equines or people, when the need arises. Bob was given an award plaque at last meeting.

Youth Program:   Wendy Ying ( not in attendance) is working on several projects for the Youth Program right now.

Membership Chair Report:   Francine Arrington, Membership Chair Person, states that we have 259 members (see attached report). She suggests to revise membership application to be able to determine where new members are coming from. Renewal membership post cards were a big success! with 23 old members renewing.
        Dona Love states that they accept renewal on Pay Pal in California, and it has helped with the renewal process.
        Since Francine assisted at Live Oak in the ADS booth, She suggested that the Whips set up a membership program at the same time, since there were several inquires regarding Whips membership.

Regional Directors:
Jeanne Abbott (North Region):   It was a busy Season. Four of the events were accomplished by Dona Love in the Steeple Chase Division. We had the Baxter beginners Class in Gainesville with 30 attendees. Santa Fe Community College is the actual organizer, charging $50.00 per class and the instructor gets $25.00. The Northern Region benefits. Children 10-16 can audit at no charge. And we have gained 5-6 new members from the class. Mary de Greef (SW Region):   There was the Sterling Graburn Clinic, A Fun Show at her place and a Christmas Party at JoAnn Wilson's. The summer meeting is set for July 8, 2007, on a Sunday, at her home in Parrish, Fl.
Mary Ann Fletcher (SE Region):   The Workshop took place in their region, and they had 2 events last year. Other than that, there is a lack of facilities in their area, since Treasure Coast was destroyed in the hurricane.
Margaret Mc Murry (Panhandle Region): They had 2 events in their region last year and membership has increased to 10 new members

ELECTION:   Helen Tolmach is elected as new Secretary for the next 2 yrs. Peggy Stevenot had agreed to fill is as Treasurer until someone would be agreeable to accept the position. Margaret McMurry, from the Panhandle Region is agreeable to accept the Treasurer position, and Wendy Ying, the Alternate, will take over the Panhandle area.
       The Regional Director positions election will take place at the Regional meetings. The Northern and SE positions are up for election.

OLD BUSINESS:   A member, Margaret Blevins, has designed a brochure to attract membership. It was passed for inspection by the members, and we need someone who will agree to print them. Also requested was a Whips pin be made. Several members in the group still have a pin that was made in the past. Brenda Schmidt volunteered to investigate the cost of pins and report to the Board.

Membership Roster:   Will be made available to all members after membership renewal time. Regional Directors will receive the roster now in order to send out meeting times for their respective regions. Membership cards will be issued with individual numbers.

NEW BUSINESS:   Sue Morris spoke regarding competitive Trail Driving. Brenda Schmidt announced the establishment of RO Ranch, in Mayo, Fla., with 2500 acres donated for equine sport. It is open to carriage driving; backs up to the Suawanee River Management District.
       Francine Arrington suggested a donation to Black Prong for their use of their facility for the meeting, or a donation of a hazard as an appreciation gift, in the amount of $200.00.

       The Proposed By-Laws changes were accepted.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Diemer, Secretary