Florida Whips, Inc. Advertising Rates

View from Behind the Dash is the newsletter of The Florida Whips, a state-wide organization of driving enthusiasts with a membership of approximately 300 individuals and businesses. The newsletter is published ten times a year, August through May. It is distributed as a black-and-white print version and appears in color on www.flawhips.org.

Questions about advertising? Contact advertising@flawhips.org
Deadlines and Submission:

Deadline is the 15th day of each month preceding month of issue. For instance, for the May issue, deadline will be April 15 and distribution will be May 1. Payment must be received before inclusion. Submit ads electronically to newsletter@flawhips.org and webmaster@flawhips.org as appropriate.
Business Ads:

Full page (one issue) $40
Full page (annual) $300
Half page (one issue) $25
Half page (annual) $200
Quarter page (one Issue) $15
Quarter page (annual) $100
Business card (annual) $75 (included with a business membership)

Annual newsletter ads represent 10 issues.  Annual business card ads are displayed on the website 12 months (September through August).
Classified Ads:

Florida Whips members: One ad (per issue), up to 100 words, free for three months, text only; 1 photo and email link free on website.  Additional ads past the first, $10.00. Photo in newsletter $5; additional photos past the first on website $5 each. 

Other than Whips Members: $10.00 per ad, up to 100 words, for three months; text only; 1 photo in newsletter/on website $5, additional photos on website $5 each.
Event Ads:

Event Sponsored by Florida Whips: Free.  Link to event forms/ads can be added to the calendar on www.flawhips.org.

Other than Whips Events: one-half Business rate. Link to Event ad from newsletter can be added to the calendar on www.flawhips.org

Event Calendar listings on website: free link to organizer's event website.  Email calendar information to calendar@flawhips.org 
Payment Information:

Payment can be made via credit card with the Payment buttons below or by check.  Checks are payable to Florida Whips Inc., and mailed to our Treasurer:

Mary de Greef • P.O. Box 183 • Parrish FL 34219
Classified Advertising
Business Advertising
Event Advertising